Sunday, May 2, 2010


Dear world,
Meet Fuzzy. He is my new brother. He already has a poem about him, but it is not accurate.
FuzzyWuzzy was a Bear. (No, actually, Fuzzy now has a brother Bear, he is not a bear.)
FuzzyWuzzy had no hair. (That is sort of true. When he was rescued he had a bad infection which made him lose his hair. But now it grew back.)
FuzzyWuzzy wasn't really fuzzy, wuzzy? (Yes, he really is fuzzy)
But I have a better poem for him...
What's all the buzz?
Its all about Fuzz.
In case ya don't know,
He's my new bro.
Love always,


  1. Concats on your new bro, he looks a lot like you! I hopes you haz lotsa fun together.

  2. It's so nice to meet Fuzz. Love the poem Bear. I didn't know you were a poet too among your many other talents.

  3. So happy to meet you Fuzzy. You are lucky to have found such a great bro and family..(((((HUGS))))
    From The Meow_Girls

  4. look at that... a new bro and is all grown up. now you can destroy all the toilette paper in the case and blame it on him ;)
    congratulations and I wish you tons of fun.

  5. Bear, your new brofur is vewy fuzzy! Hi to new Fuzzy! He will be vewy happy he found u. I wuz vewy happy when I gotz my new sisfurs and my new howse!

  6. Congrats!!!!! *woof woof woof*
    New brother! Wow!
    you're such a poet, Bear!

  7. Awww Bear You too are going to have such fun, I can tell. You are the luckiest Bear in the world and that new brother of yours is the luckiest doggie in the world too! Enjoy. Lots of Licks

  8. He looks lovely, Bear-how are you getting on ? And how old is he ? How kind you all are to save that lovely boy XX

  9. Awwwwwwwwww Yay! Bear and Fuzzy, dat is wonderfur, such a great pic too!


  10. Oh wowzers! How had I missed this fab news?! Welcome home Fuzzy Wuzzy.

  11. Oh I duz not no you haz a bruvver Bear. Fuzzy wuzzy is a nice dawgie, you iz lucky to have him. Ope he likes it at hiz new ome.