Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The dog whisperer

Dear world,
Another nice thing about having a sibling is canine comunication. Fuzz often whispers in my ear. Sometimes he asks me to explain something he doesnt understand. Other times he tells me a funny joke only a canine would understand. And then once in a while he tells me he loves being my brother. I tell him he doesnt need to whisper that, he can bark it out loud. I would, but I its hard to bark with a ball in my mouth.
Love always,


  1. Aww Bear - you is so lucky to have a brother. You are both very handsome too. M says she could kiss you both!

  2. LOL - It's so funny b/c when Seamus & Lucy walk together, it's like she's whispering in his ears too! I pretend to know what she's, "how was your nap?" "What was in your Kong this time?? I had peanut butter and kibble" etc.

  3. Fuzz !!! long time no see.
    nice to see you both at the same time.
    I hope that hair is growing nicely.
    Bear, you look very interested in playing with Fuzz... that's nice.

  4. I bet u iz teechin Fuzz lawts uv stuff! I fink it'd be vewy fun to b teecher! I doan get to teech ennybuddy ennyfing, cuz I da baby.