Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taco Tuesday

Dear world,
I wish someone would officially declare Tuesday, TacoTuesday. I think it has a great ring to it. And if it was official, then I would get to have tacos, I think. Well, at least I would have a good case to argue. I am open to chicken or beef or pork. I don't even need the tomatoes or lettuce. Definitely include the cheese though. And if Mom doesn't want to cook, no problem. Easy to drive thru TacoBell. Hmmm. Maybe my niece BunnyBell is related to TacoBell. Maybe she has some influence?
Love always,


  1. I can see that Fuzz has been added to the marketing department :)
    He doesn't realize he is suppose to look at the camera like Bear does.

    my vote is for Taco Tuesday...

  2. Hmm..what do I have to do to get a sombrero (and a taco!) around here? I am a chihuahua, after all...shouldn't all chihuahuas come with a complimentary sombrero?

  3. Great idea, let make #TacoTuesday Offical BOL xxxx I luv da sombrero !!!