Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chasing Cheese

Dear world,
For Mother's Day, BunnyBell bought her Mom the Doggy Bone Cookbook. How smart was that! So last night Mom and Sydne (BunnyBell's Mom who is my human sis) decided to make us dog bones! They looked through the book and chose the Chasing Cheese dog bones. They were major yum city. My dad was really bummed that they weren't ready before he went to sleep. But I saved him one for the morning. He could have it with his eggs. What a perfect breakfast. Maybe I will make them again with my Mom for Father's Day.
Love always,


  1. Ummmm they look yummy! You look as though you couldn't wait to get one!

  2. Doze lookz yummy, yoo iz right! I bet dey were. I bet it wuz fun to make dem too!

  3. are you sure they are dog's cookies?
    they look very yummy to me....

  4. Yummm - how bout sharing them wiht your friends Bear - they sure look good.

  5. mom tells me dat my gramps used to nom on Milkbones... I would hate a hooman eating MY bones!