Monday, May 10, 2010

Monkey bed

Dear world,
For BunnyBell's visit, Mom bought her a sock monkey bed. BunnyBell loved it and went in it whenever we were in the family room. But then Fuzzy thought it looked more like a toy then a bed. So he decided it should be his sock monkey. You may think that Fuzzy would win, cause he's such a big boy. But you don't know BunnyBell. She barked and growled at Fuzzy, and she won her bed back. I'm so proud of BunnyBell for sticking up for herself. And I really need to teach Fuzzy better manners.
Love always,


  1. Hai Bear! Hyoomans shud take negotiatshun lessons frum u guyz! It gawt werked owt just fyne wif no hyoomans gettin in da middle!

  2. Bear, I like that you had time to look at the camera with a smile while all that "fuzz" was going on.
    But it looks like a toy...

  3. I'm pleased she got it back-that's one superb bed and you look pretty pleased she won too XX

  4. Way to go BunnyBell dunt let dat Fuzzy takes dat cool monkey beds frum u!

    Where can i gets one of dem neato beds?

  5. BunnyBell triumphed again. She took the bed home with her to L.A !