Thursday, May 13, 2010

A visit from the L.A. Princess(es)

Dear world,
My sis Sydne and niece BunnyBell left the other day. We had so much fun on their visit. Fuzzy is about the same size as Sydne and knocked her down a couple of times. But she loved him anyway. Bunny went into Princess mode as usual. Well, it doesn't help when Mom gets her a tiara. I really do miss them and wish I could see them more often. Do you think a private jet would be available again to take me to L.A. for a visit?
Love always,


  1. Maybe u cud make enuf monies in ur bookmaking endeavor to hire ur own pwivate jet!

  2. Great idea Tikka! I only have three bets so far. Long way to go.

  3. your sis Sydne is very purdy herself.
    I'm glad to see Fuzzy having fun with your family.
    Is that Fuzzy sniffing BunnyBell's butt? that's funny... I guess he wants to know her better and that is ok.
    nice montage.

  4. You has a very purdy ooman sisfur Bear. It was so nice they could fly in to see you. You tell your peeps you need a priate plane at your disposal whenever you want it. They love you, they'll do it for you!! (Your mama's going to really be mad at me for giving you the idea).

  5. Check with @Pandafur. She has her own private jet and is very generous!