Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter wonderland

Dear world,

The other day Mom was so excited when she received a package. I had a feeling that it was an uh oh for me. Yup. Out came the matching elf attire for Rosy and me. The headgear was a bit warm for the San Diego sunshine. So as Mom's camera clicked, I imagined being an elf in a winter wonderland in the North Pole. (These are the kinds of thoughts that get me through these photo shoots.)

Love always,



  1. oh Bear, all I can say iz *softpaw*

  2. Bear, you and Rosy can bring the Elf gear to Chicago..we have cold weather and you can wear it all you want.

  3. You n Rosy are so festive! You are so patient wif your Mom n all da pikshurs! :)

  4. You two look so festive, but don't let Santa take you back with him, coz we'd miss you.
    xoxo Kassey