Monday, December 19, 2011

Burger Wars

Dear world,
I saw the local newspaper yesterday and headline news was a story about hamburger taste testing! Do you think they got that idea from reading my blog? Anyway, they talked about three local places. I will not read the article since I do not want it to influence my opinion. I already covered SmashBurger, so now I need to try burgers at the The Counter and Chiefs Burger & Brew. This hamburger taste testing is a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Love always,



  1. Bear dat good news fur you dey picked 2 burger places you didn't try yet! More burger tastings! You guys get to do so many exciting fings! Maybe you could be an official Burger Taster!

  2. You go Bear!!! If anyone can do the job, it's you!! I envy you! I love hamburgers! xxx @NellieSpringer

  3. Bear, I trust your taste. Your mom should measure the time it takes you to eat each burger. The one with lower time wins.

  4. You have such beautiful fur Bear! And you look so smart reading that paper. :)