Thursday, December 22, 2011

Visit with Santa

Dear world,
The other day, Mom and Dad took us to PetSmart. To our surprise, we got to see Santa! Rosy settled in comfortably onto Santa's big lap. I don't know why Santa didn't allow me on his lap, he did last year. I guess people change. Anyway, Rosy asked Santa for (another) new bag. I told Santa I wanted to adopt my own animal and looked longingly in the direction of the chinchilla cage. As I turned around, I saw Mom's and Dad's eyes roll in unison.
Love always,


  1. Bear you guyz took such a great pikshur! I guess Mom and Dad are nawt gettin you a chichilla fur Crispmouse.

  2. What a great picture of you with Santa. I keep hopin I can meet Santa but it hasn't happened yet.

  3. Wow you looks so grate with Santy! I hopes there iz a chinchilla in yer stalking on Chrispmouse meowning Bear *purrr*

  4. You and Lil' Rosebud look so happy! And so does Santa. His eyes are all twinkly. Maybe he has a special treat for both of you in his bag of fun stuff. Guess you'll just have to wait and see. Did you promise Mom and Dad you'd take good care of the chinchilla and clean up after it takes a dust bath? Maybe Rosy will help, too. We're keeping all 32 of our paws crossed for your wish to come true. Love & good luck purrs from RainbowCatsx8

  5. Sorry I am just now getting caught up on my blog reading, but this was such a perfect picture I had to comment even though it's late. You and Rosy are so photogenic, smiling for the camera!