Monday, December 5, 2011

Watch Dog

Dear world,
Sometimes I hear people talk about Golden Retrievers. They say we are loyal, fun loving, sweet and just the best breed. But then they say,not to get a Golden if you want a watch dog. Well, that got me to thinking. I could be a watch dog too.

Love always,



  1. Yeah, were did that come from. I am a"watch dog" I watch every one and every thing all the time. Like if some one came into our house when My Vickie was not home...I would "Watch"

    I would "watch" them as they checked to see what was in the kitchen, I would then walk with them into the bedroom and living room and "watch" while the went thru stuff making sure My Vickie had everything she needed.

    I would "watch" them as they hauled away everything she doesnt need. You know, like computers and tv's, after all they just take up space and important time that she should be spending with nme.

    So world. Don't say I am not a "Watch"dog , cause I AM.

  2. he he - that's quite a watch you have there Bear. Now you and I know you would lick a burgular to death out of happiness that he came to visit you. We hasn't met a Golden yet that didn't love people - even strangers.

  3. you would be an amazing watch dog. If somebody breaks into your home, you will watch them from room to room while he steals stuff. Then you will follow him to the door, hoping to get a cookie :)

  4. Sweet Bear, You'd make a good watchdog.Furry nice watch you have.
    xoxo Kassey

  5. Oh Bear, did blog duz make my mom laff a lot. She finks you are very clever. I fink you are an excellent watch dog.

  6. Haha yer furrend Bert iz a pritty funny watch dawg Bear. I thawt you wuz gonna be a rapper dawg at furst MOL!

  7. I think you make a very good watch dog, Bear. Especially with a ball in your mouth. That's my type of watchin' too!