Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Man dogs

Dear world,
The other day, my neighbor Buddy joined us on our beachwalk. It is usually me and only girls (Rosy , Mom and sometimes Bunnybell and Sydne, my human sis.) So I like having another man dog on my walk. Then I dont have to talk about shopping, I can talk about playing ball.

Love always,


  1. Hey Bear! You and Buddy have names that are among the Top 10 for this year. And even though Rosy isn't on the list for girl dogs, Princess is and we all know that Rosy is a Princess! We don't want Bunnybell to feel left out, so please give her a hug from us! We love you all. RainbowCatsx8


  2. Bear how kewl you gotz another boy to go on your walk! I wish I had another boy in da howse. I haz 2 gurls n me. Dey R bossy!