Friday, December 30, 2011

My Wombat

Dear world,

Well, I didn't get a pet chinchilla. But Mom and Dad adopted a wombat for me from the World Wildlife Fund. I never heard of a wombat. No wonder, cause they live in southeastern Australia . They are vegetarians that sleep all day and stay out late at night before going home to their burrow. And their poop is square! The girls have pouches on their backs to carry their baby. I will carry my wombat in my mouth, hope it doesn't mind. (I like my wombat, but still dream of having a chinchilla.)

Love always,



  1. Hez cute Bear, wats hims name? Skware poop?! meowza!

  2. Bear he iz cute! Hey Pandy maybe he shud be SpongeBat Skware Poop! :) At leest you got a furry pet, Bear, eben if it nawt a chinchilla.

  3. I think your wombat is pretty cool, but watch out where you're carrying it--that looks like the poop end!

  4. Oh wow Bear a wombat how much fun you will have. Wombats sound intetesting!

  5. if mom and dad adopted the wombat... he is your brother now :)
    I think you and the wombat are going to be good friends.

  6. oh Bear this is so exciting! I just love wombats, even more than koalas to be honest. here are some more interesting 'wombat tales'...
    because that poo is so fibrous, you can make paper out of it. check out
    the prehistoric ancestor of the wombat was the diprodoton. it looked pretty much just like a wombat but was the size of a large van or small truck, and was even heavier. I once saw an incredibly enormous wombat in the wild in Tasmania. I've never forgotten it and never seen anything like it ever again.
    one of the common varieties of the wombat is called the Hairy-Nosed Wombat. hence, some people with hairy noses in Australia can get the nickname 'Wombat.'
    and if you do get to meet a live, non-stuffed wombat, please don't try to pick it up by its feet. those claws are terribly sharp, powerful and dangerous.
    I am so happy for that wombat to have you as a brother, Bear!

  7. Lady Demelza -- Thanks so much for all the Wombat info!