Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Package from Chicago

Dear world,
For Christmas, my family in Chicago sent us a big box of food stuff from their town. Dad was SUPER excited about the Italian Beef sandwich kit. But I had my eye and paw on the two deep dish pizza pies. Mom and Sydne made one of the pies. They let me have a VERY small slice. OMD! So yum. SO much cheese! I never had a pizza like that before. I can't wait till Mom makes the next one. But I really do hope she is a bit more generous with my slice. After all, it was a present for the whole family, right?

Love always,



  1. Oh Yummmmm. What a lovely prezzie your peeps received.

  2. OMC! Dat look fabulous! You guyz iz beary lucky! Youll be nommin fur a bit!

  3. It seems a bit arbitrary how humans determine the size of your slice. You should try to read the website in the box so you can order some pizza on your own :)

  4. So yummy! I'm glad you got some pie, even if it was a small slice.