Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Napping place

yDear world,

This restricted activity because of my broken toe is a real bummer. I have been doing so much napping that even napping was becoming boring. So I decided to try out a new place to nap.... Bunnybell's bed. I know it is small, but it is actually comfortable. My body overflows a bit onto Rosy's bed which makes Rosy growl. I hope Bunnybell doesn't mind. I will give it back to her when she comes for Christmas.

Love always,



  1. Bear you look so cute in BunnyBell's bed! I bet she wuddnt mind you using it. How long till your broken toe is better? Rosy shuddnt growl when you is tryin so hard to be good boy! (My sisfur growls at me all da tyme. I only want to play wif her!)

  2. too cute.
    I like to see you and Rosy almost sharing the same space.
    bummer time now means having a good foot later to run around.

  3. You look pretty cute and comfy there to me pal. So sorry you have to be so inactive pal, but I guess it's for the best. The v.e.t. must know what he/she is talking about. Hope it gets well soon Bear.

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  5. Heehee....u looks like me in ma lil bed!


    Dey r comfy!

  6. I think BunnyBell's bed is a great place to nap. I love it in my condo and it's really for the kittehs. So, it doesn't matter whether you fit or not. Just go for it, that's what I say!

  7. As long as you're comfy, well that's what matters.
    xoxo Kassey