Sunday, December 4, 2011

In-N-Out Again

Dear world,

Continuing with my hamburger taste test, I got to go to In-N-Out again. This time we ate at the restaurant on the outside patio. And I got a hat which made me feel very official. It is a very close call between the burgers. Mom favors In-N-Out, Dad is leaning toward Five Guys. But I am not going to make a decision yet. I decided I should expand my hamburger taste test. Next stop Smash Burger.

Love always,



  1. Yesh you shud definitlee haz a smashburgurr! We duzn't haz but we duz haz Zinburgurr, I thinks you wud likes that one too. Burgerz FTW! meow

  2. he he - Good to see you are making the rounds of the burger places. We'll expect a final report at the end of your rounds so we know where to go for the purrfect burger when in your city.

  3. You duz look beary offishul wif dat hat Bear! I vote fur 5 guys only cuz we duzznt haz in n out burger where w live. The best part iz getting to test all the product, though, cuz I bet dey r all gud!

  4. Oh, yes. What a great taste test! I'd go for more places though--you can't get enough tastes, at least that's what I say.

  5. you should be the official face for In-N-Out.
    nobody can resist a handsome dog.
    I almost missed Rosy in the background.
    Your dad seems to be doing the same taste-test as you do.

  6. Bear, you look very official, and very cute in the hat.

    Be careful at Smash Burger. Their burgers are juicy because they're full of grease. Wouldn't want you tummy getting upset.

    Do you have a Hamburger Habit in your area? They're our favorite.

  7. mom say if one near you, you should try Fuddruckers (dey used to be pretty good a few years back)


  8. You sure look official in that :) If only we ever had any yummy hamburger stall, other than boring MacDonalds :P

  9. We haz dem Five Guys n dey r nom nom nommy. But u should keep tryin all da Burger places to be sure!

    Hope dat toe heals fast I hear da beach callin ur name!