Saturday, December 10, 2011

Smash Lunch

Dear world,
Continuing with my hamburger taste testing, yesterday I dined at SmashBurger. I got the Classic Burger. OMD! How many ways can I say YUM! Rosy wants to keep her slim figure so she ordered the Fido style burger, which is just the patty. She thought her burger was perfect, especially since it was giant, even by my standards. Mom and Dad loved their burgers, fried pickles and sweet potato smash fries. And we all especially enjoyed the ambiance of the beautiful corner cafe location in the heart of sunny Del Mar. Oh how I love this taste testing activity!

Love always,


P.S. Thanks Trish for hosting us and preparing a delicious lunch! BearHUG!


  1. FRIED pickles? How bizarre. The smash fries sound excellent though. You are a lucky Bear.

    Love back, Georgia x

  2. I wuz thinking how cute that place iz all covered in green stuffs an efurrything. Thoze burgerz duz look rill good, Iz like teh one Rosy did haz. Wen you go again will you gets me one and sends it in da mayle pleeze? An we wants thoze pickles tew.

  3. Bear you iz so lucky dat you live in California. We neber see doggies in owr restaurants. Eben da owtside ones. Doze burgers look yummy. Mama say dat place look beary cute.

  4. Bear, the place looks fantastic. Beside that the lady that brings your food looks very friendly. You dad look like he is having lots of fun trying to feed you 'properly'. The burgers look delicious. Nice to know that you are eating better than me :)

  5. That looks like a nice lunch... and you could sit outside too. We must wait until April for that.