Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coastal Rail Trail

Dear world,
My toe is better, but not ready for the beach. So Mom wanted to take us somewhere interesting for a walk. So we went to the start of the Coastal Rail Trail in Solana Beach. Humans love to walk, jog and bike along the trail and admire all the art, especially the entrance arches. The arches tell the story of Solana Beach. Rosy and I loved the smells from all the different plants. But there was so much peemail that we need to go back soon to reply to it all.

Love always,



  1. Oh Bear, we are so happy your toe is better. At least now you can start hiking again, then before you know it, you'll be allowed back at the beach.

  2. Hurray fur your toe being better! Soon you will be on teh beech but that trayle looks rilly nice fur nawt being teh beech *purrr*

  3. Glad other dogs have moms that like to take them interesting places like mine does! So many dogs never make it out of their own yards and that is so sad!

  4. Bear dat looks like a fun place to go explore. It iz beary nice uv your Mom to take you exciting places to make up fur da beech. I happy to heer your toe is better! Sownds like lots uv hyoomans take dere doggies to dat trail so dey can all peemail one another!