Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Racetrack

Dear world,
Here I am across from the Del Mar Racetrack. Its supposed to be a really cool place with lots of history. Bing Crosby was there on opening day in 1937 to greet the crowd. in 1938 Seabiscuit ran and won a race there. I would love to go and enjoy a day at the races. As usual though, my not being human kind (nor equine in this case) prevents me from being allowed to enter. So I will just listen to the announcer from afar. (I can't even place a bet cause I'm not 21.)

Love always,



  1. how mean that they don't let you in!! that's speciest!! *shakes pawfist in air* It does look beautiful there tho!! - Zackary

  2. It mean dey duzznt let all anipals in der wif da horsies! I do fink yoo iz ober 21 in dog yeers, Bear, so yoo shud be allowed to bet.

  3. that's not fair. is like Animal Apartheid. Plus, while waiting for the race to start you can entertain people and get a lot of cuddles.

  4. Thank you for posting this picture. I love horse racing and know I will never get to visit here. Always enjoy reading your post and love you and Rosy.