Saturday, September 24, 2011

National Dog Week

Dear world,

I understand that this is National Dog Week in the U.S. That got me to thinking. Why do we only have a week for dogs when the Chinese culture has a whole year of the dog. So I asked Mom and she told me that in our house we celebrate dogs everyday of our lives. Aww shucks Mom. I wish all humans felt like that.

Love always,



  1. I think it's probably better to be a doggie in the US, my friend. Even they only have a celebration for a week.

  2. OMC Bear, da look on yoor face is sheer bliss! So cleer how much yoo love yoor Mom! What a precious pickshur.

  3. that's what I call a hug.
    Is nice to be love so much.
    Happy Dog Week!

  4. We just looked at this picture of total love for 5 whole minutes. Our hearts are filled with happiness now! We bet if you made a poster out of it millions of people would want one!

    Love & loud purring for you, your mom and especially lil' Rosy

  5. Ӏ bеcame interesting in reading this when I гead thе summaгy, but I hаdn't heard much about it, so I didn't аԁd it
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