Friday, September 9, 2011

Black Dog Appreciation Day

Dear world,
Today is an important day in our household and it should be around the world. It is Black Dog Appreciation Day. It is trying to raise awareness of and dispel "Black Dog Syndrome" -- in shelters, Black dogs are usually the last to get adopted and most often killed. I really dont know why, we think Black dogs are pretty great. We have Rosy, a wonderful Black poodle, as you know we found abandoned on the street. And my niece BunnyBell, a fabulous Black Pomeranian Mix, rescued just in time by the Bill Foundation in Los Angeles. Our family not only appreciates our black dogs, but we consider ourselves lucky, cause we cant imagine our lives without them.

Love always,



  1. I purr for all the black doggies looking for homes - we appreciate black doggies here too.

  2. Oh no - don't tell me black dogs hav a problem getting adopted too. Oomans don't adopt black cat either, but we never realized it was also a problem for black doggies. Hisss on those people who don't like black anipals.

  3. I sure duzznt understand doze hyoomans! Mama haz had 2 black kittehs and dey haz been gweat pals she say. I agree wif Mario.. hiss on doze hyoomans who duzznt lyke black anipals. Happy Black Dog Appreciation Day to Rosy n BunnyBell!

  4. I had plan to adopt a black cat next time. A dog or a black cat, when the sun rays are on them they look amazing.
    Adopt a black dog and demonstrate that you are not superstitious.

  5. We have a black and white doggy that we love very much. We also have 5 solid black kitty family members. I never did understand why people would not want to adopt black kitties and doggies. They are the best.

  6. Daily. We got two (almost entirely black) dogs :-)