Saturday, September 3, 2011

Double Golden

Dear world,
The other day when I was taking my walk, I looked over and saw a Golden looking at me. Then I turned away to sniff something and when I looked up. I thought I was seeing double! Now there were two! I was about to go over to say hello but they ran inside. I think their Mom was calling. Isn't it cool that I have all these new neighbors? I cant wait to meet them!

Love always,



  1. Cool Bear. They look like they might want to be friends with you too.

  2. Dat iz so kewl Bear. Rosy haz her maxi me and yoo haz twins dat look lyke yoo. Wut gweat noo fwends yoo guyz iz finding!

  3. Bear, maybe you'll get to meet those doggies up close and play with them some day. There's nothing better than a Golden Retriever play party!

  4. I think they iz gurl doggies checkin you owt Bear!

  5. are you sure there were 2?
    maybe whatever you smell cause you to have double vision ;)