Wednesday, September 21, 2011

World Peace Day

Dear world,

Today is the International Day of Peace dedicated to establishing and promoting world peace. I will participate in the One Minute of Silence for Peace observed at noon around the globe in all time zones. I will also be peaceful at the dog beach and not growl at any of the dogs, even if they try to take my ball. I wish I could do more for world peace. But I imagine if everyone did even a small peaceful thing we could make the world an even nicer place. Imagine.

Love always,



  1. Good job Bear. We needs to celebrate World Peace. Thanks for calling it to my attention.

  2. Bear,
    To honor world peace, today I will be nice to Ronnie the stray cat that lives with me, and also be nice to my humans especially when they pick me up and try to cuddle with me.
    Jake the red tabby

  3. You look like John Lennon in those sunglasses. It's very appropriate since he was all about World Peace.

  4. I thought I will see Bear on this picture but I see only John Lennon... that's weird...

  5. Is yoo singin 'Give Peace a Chance' too? Yoo look lyke a beary Peaceful Bear!

  6. *sings* All we are saying..... is give peace a chance!!!!

  7. In honor of World Peace Day, Rocket shared his food dish with Freddie. He actually let Freddie eat first! And he didn't even give him the thunderpaw! Progress!

    Love from RainbowCatsx8