Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Scooby Doo!

Dear world,
I had a dream last night that Scooby-Doo came to my beach for his birthday. Rosy and I had a party for him and even had waterproof hats. Of course we served Rooby Racks (Scooby snacks for those of you that don't speak Scooby). But then I woke up and said Ruh-Roh. Scooby's birthday was yesterday! I think he turned 7 again! Not sure though. ScoobyDoobyDoo-- how old are you?

Love always,



  1. Gee Bear, I didn't know it was Scooby doos birthday. He is one of those Doggy Icons.

    Thanks for reminding us. I turned three in May so I am almost 3 1/2 shy two months.

    My Vickie says I am growing up fast.

    Well, nice dream Bear. Glad you shared it.

    I sure wish I had a beach of my own.

    You are soooo lucky


  2. Yood haf a lot uv fun wif Scooby, I fink. Nyce uv yoo to wish him Happy Birfday!