Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ball thief

Dear world,

Rosy has totally gotten the hang of the beach. She is great at chasing balls on the sand while I go out in the ocean to fetch. However, the other day at the beach, she did something that I did not teach her. She ran into the ocean and stole my ball! Bad Rosy!

Love always,



  1. You do look shocked there, Bear !! She's been waiting for just the perfect opportunity to show you she loves the beach too !!

  2. Oh, shames on her!!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  3. oh no! Bear, you created a monster!
    don't worry, she is fast but you have stamina.
    Just get close to her, eventually, and slap her so she drops the ball.
    That will teach her.

  4. Bear, I know dat look on yoor face. I had dat look when mai sisfur stole my catnip knot. She izznt suppozed to do dat! Yooll haz to teech Rosy she nawt allowed to take yoor tennis balls!

  5. Maybe some cats taught her.... I could see my cats doing something like that.

  6. Hah, Rainn steals my bones all the time. He thinks he owns everything! I try to understand that he is a puppy, but its hard.