Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Uncle Sam

Dear world,

On this day in 1913, the United States adopted the nickname Uncle Sam. It all began when a meatpacker, Samuel Wilson, sent barrels of beef to the soldiers during The War of 1812. All the barrels were stamped "U.S." meaning United States. But the soldiers started referring to the barrels as Uncle Sam's. A newspaper reported the story, and so the U.S, became Uncle Sam. So it got me to thinking, what if I sent those packages. Then the US would have been referred to as Uncle Bear! (that may have gotten confusing for my niece BunnyBell.)

Love always,



  1. Bear yoo r alwayze so full uv noo information. I didn't knoow dat wuz how da U.S. became Uncle Sam! Yoo wuddnt wanna confooze BunnyBell.

  2. Geezzzz Bear - you make a better uncle sam den the real one.

  3. Very good info, Bear. I didn't know this or forgot.