Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wiener Nationals

Dear world,
Yesterday Mom and Dad and Sydne went to Del Mar Racetrack. Dad heard there was going to be the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals. He was excited cause he thought that would mean lots of hot dogs to eat. But instead, it was Dachsund Racing! Mom took pictures to show me since I wasnt allowed to go. The winner name was She's Motoring. She will compete in the National Finals. So it got me to thinking. Rosy is a really fast runner. Maybe we could give Rosy a haircut and spraypaint her brown. Do you think she could pass as a Dachsund?
Love always,


  1. Did you think of me when you saw the pictures?

    Glad you're back in CA Bear & family.

    Wally the Doxie

  2. Maybe dey will haf a day wif poodle racers! Den Rosy cud compete wifowt spray paint. :)

  3. I doubt Rosy can participate... she doesn't speak German, only French :)

  4. Did you get any more photos? I would love to see them. Our Dog was Mila. She was #3 in one picture and #2 in the last run.

  5. he he - that is such a cute picture. Bet that was fun to watch.