Monday, July 11, 2011

Pants down

Dear world,

Yesterday I went across the street to see this little man in my neighbor's driveway. It was very strange. He was very well dressed, except his pants were down. He seemed to smell something bad. And considering he was holding an empty toilet paper dispenser, I thought maybe he had pooped somewhere. So I sniffed around and didn't find anything. I guess his Mom picked it up. But why didn't she pull his pants back up?

Love always,



  1. ha ha - that is a funny thing to have on a door step!

  2. did somebody really thought "mmmm... I should buy me one of those naked guys"?
    I guess that person doesn't have a Lab.

  3. LOL!!! You don't see many of those in Lawn and Garden shops! @NellieSpringer

  4. Yoo haz a strange neighbor, Bear! Who puts da toilet paper holder owtside da bafroom? Do dey expect der hyoomans to go owt der to go potty? Datz pwetty funny! :)

  5. dey hoomans haz stranj sense of hyewmer MOL