Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not amused

Dear world,

While cleaning out a closet, Mom found this wig. I thought Uh Oh, and I was right. So of course I had to put on the wig so Mom could take pictures and laugh hysterically. I was not amused. Then Rosy came over to see what was going on. I tried to warn her, but she is always so curious. She was not amused either. Well at least we got cookies.

Love always,



  1. WOWIE! Rosy ROCKS that wig! Lookin' like a supa star! You, ah, not so much.....but you got COOKIES! That's all that counts, right?

  2. We think Rosy has been taking tips from her human sister in California. She looks like a super model..hee hee. Bear, not too sure about your look. But we love you anyway. Cookies? Maybe you should have held out for pizza.
    Love you lots,
    Tippy and Penny

  3. oh bear, I feel your pain.
    Your momma sounds just like mine.
    That dumb picture maker needs to be buried in the back yard somewhere *S*

  4. Bless you-you're both so sweet !!

  5. Yoo guyz look so funny! Rosy looks lyke RosyGaGa! I know yoo duzznt lyke havin to sit der fur pikshurs, but we shur lyke dem, and yoo get cookies n yoor mama gets a good laff, so seems lyke a deal!

  6. Rosy must be thinking: "I trade the streets for this?".
    Bear, next time you run and then think about the finding of the wig. I guess cookies is a fair trade for some shameful pictures.

  7. Oh Bear, you look so sad. I'm sorry your mom took advantage of your good nature. But I'm glad you humored her and wore the wig. You're such a good sport. Rosy doesn't seem to mind much.

  8. We've never had a wig to try on. Was it scratchy? Sometimes we wear those pointy cone hats when we celebrate our birthdays. That's when we get a muffin for a treat, either banana nut or blueberry.

    Also, Annie has a fancy red silk hat with flowers and feathers that she likes to wear. Once, even though he was a boy, Oliver wore it just so he could have some tasty tuna. He would do pretty much anything for food.

    We're glad you guys got cookies. It's still Hot Dog month for a few more days. Maybe next time (oh noes!) you'll get a hot dog!

    Love & loud purring, RainbowCats

  9. Oh Bear, you might not be very amused, but I sure am...hee hee