Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dorothy and the Wizard

Dear world,

Rosy's hair had gotten so long that Mom discovered she could braid her ears! So she did and she even put little bows on them. Mom thought she looked like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Personally, I thought Rosy looked a lot more like Toto. Rosy didn't want to look like Dorothy or Toto. She asked me to put on my wizard hat and use my magic powers to make her look like Rosy again. And the Spa Mobile drove up! And there was beautiful Rosy again! The great and powerful Wizard Bear!

Love always,



  1. Wow Bear yoo haz such big powers! I bet Rosy was vewy impressed! (I agree wif yoor Mom, Rosy did look lyke Dorothy).

  2. Rosy looks cute in her little pink bows, but I can see how they would make her feel a little silly. I bet she's glad you used your magic powers to conjure the groomer to make Rosy her beautiful self again.

  3. Rosy looks like she's enjoying her bath in the rolling beauty boutique! It's pretty great that they come right to your house! That way you don't have to ride in the car before you are home to roll in the grass!

    Meows & purrs...RainbowCats

  4. Rosy is a beautiful girl....
    Jake the red tabby

  5. Awwww-at least she didn't suffer her indignity for too long then !! Our groomer's coming by tomorrow.