Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blog Towel

Dear world,

My sis Sydne's friend Jamie tweeted this picture. I am not sure why she would want her towel on a blog, but I thought since I like Jamie, I would do what she asked for. But it got me to thinking, a towel may be a very good way to communicate. I use towels often for a bath,when it rains or when I go swimming. So what if I put a personal message on a towel and also tweeted it? I wonder if it would work. We'll see.

Love always,



  1. he he adorable Bear. Oh, 1 pizza is on it's way to your house.

  2. That is a perfect way to get the word out. Just save a piece of pizza for me!

  3. What a gweat idea Bear! Just fink how many pizzas yoo cud end up wif! Yoo iz just so cute!

    (OH, yesterday Dakota went to visit wif da next door neighbor dog who is a chocolate lab named Lily. When da fireworks started Daktoa had to go potty but he wuddnt go owtside cuz he was afwaid so he peed on da neighbors floor!)

  4. What a great idea. Make a business out of the towels. I want one that says Send Sushi. How much will that cost me?

  5. LOL! That's great, Bear!! Maybe some generous pizza magnate reads your blog and will send you some! Let me know if you are successful! @NellieSpringer

  6. What kind is your favorite pizza?
    Our towel could say:

    ~ Fresh catnip
    ~ Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp
    ~ Cat tree with cave
    ~ Dancing feather toy

    Please send one or all.