Friday, July 8, 2011

Grizz Girl

Dear world,
The other day I talked to Rosy about coming with me to Memphis Grizzlies Summer Hoops camp (blogpost 6/11). She said she wasn't interested in learning basketball, but she did have interest in becoming a Grizz girl. I told her that unfortunately she has to wait until she gets older since you have to be 18 to audition. She said that is not a problem since type of years was not specified and she is way over 18 in dog years. Then I said they also require you to be a high school graduate. She said she has already started studying for a high school equivalency test. I hope they make those outfits in her size.

Love always,



  1. Aww Rosy will make an adorable Grizz Girl. I wish her good luck wif dat GED test though. It wud be hard fur me to pay attenshun to studying fur dat. Nosetaps to yoo n Rosy!

  2. Great look Rosy!!!! They would be so lucky to have you!! @NellieSpaniel