Friday, July 22, 2011

Hammock Day

Dear world,
I heard today was hammock day. Well since I don't have a hammock, I figured I would celebrate the day by imagining what it must be like to have one. I made sure mine had a canopy to keep out the sun. I also used my imagination to have the temperature outside be 65 degrees with a nice breeze. I asked Rosy to bring me a nice cold drink and some cookies. She refused and told me that she was not a figment of my imagination.

Happy Hammock Day!

Love always,



  1. MOL that Rosy iz one sharp dawgie! I thinks we shuld ALL haz hammucks Bear. Plus cold drinkies an cookies of coarse, you haz grate ideas all teh time!

  2. I have used a hammock myself. I bought one in Iquitos, Peru (that's a city in the middle of the jungle at the shores of the Amazonas River). The hammock was the real deal. Very rustic, very strong. I placed it in my father's beach house, right in the porch. It was very comfortable. Happy hammock day to you too Bear.

  3. You need a nice cool fan to go with your hammock. Maybe you can get Rosy to fan you instead. Bribe her with some cookies--that'll do the trick!

  4. Bear yoo look so comfy in dat hammock! Maybe yoo can talk yoor mama into buyin yoo one uv doze! As for Rosy, she seems to be in charge :) Happy Fuzz Friday and Happy Hammock day!

  5. I can't believe how hard Rumblemum is laughing, you guys are just too cute!

  6. Love your hammock and you look so cute in it.
    It got to 100 here today so would have been to hot for a hammock.
    Always enjoy your post.

  7. Hello there Bear,
    It was so nice to see/meet you on Twitter. You hammock looks very inviting. We're in the throws of winter here, so roll on summer!
    Sending lotsaluv
    (MAXDOG on Twitter)

  8. he he - careful you don't fall out when getting off there pal. I hear they are tricky to get in and out of.

  9. Love to share that hammock with ya Bear and buy a cookie or 2 from Rosy too! You two are just too cute!

  10. I can't believe I missed hammock day...seriously, everyday should be hammock day...Oh wait! It kind of is for me...