Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lasagna Day

Dear world,

When I found out Lasagna Day was tomorrow, I asked Mom if she would make us Lasagna. I never had Lasagna, but I know Garfield likes it. She said she doesnt have time and besides Dad doesnt like it. I told her she could just buy a Lasagna so I could have another cultural experience. Well she went to the grocery store and I saw the Lasagna box! I told Rosy maybe if we gave a big smile Mom would make it for us tomorrow!

Love always,



  1. Lasagna must be yummy if Garfield lykes it! Yoo guyz sure did smile pwetty so yoor mama shud let yoo haz da lasagna!

  2. Great smiles, hope your mom wouldn't be able to say no when she sees the smiles on your faces :-)
    Jake the red tabby

  3. I am howling looking at Rosy's smile !! I've stolen a copy of the photo !! So'll love lasagne, I'm sure. I hate cheese but the dogs adore it !

  4. Paws crossed for you and Rosy. Zag-knee-yah is awesome. I only had one little bite one time, but it was soooo goood.

    Love & Hugs


  5. what's wrong with Rosy? maybe she wants Lasagna today and that is why she is upset.
    Lasagna is very tasty. I hope the box version is good. I will go with the Costco made version they sell near the meat section. I haven't try it yet but it sure looks homemade and maybe dad will change his mind about Lasagna.

  6. Aw we just became friends on twitter and I popped over to your blog! You must know that I used to have a dog named Bear. It's a great name! I love lasagna it's a true treat but it does take a while to make it by scratch. Good choice going with the box. It's delicious! Hope to see you around Finnley's blog! He wasn't eating lasagna today but he did find himself some good pine cones!

  7. We hope your lasagne has lots of cheese! Cheese is the best part cause there's usually three kinds and they're all delicious. The sauce is good, too, but then there's too much fur-washing afterwards. So we all try to be very dainty.

    Love from us! RainbowCats