Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Barrister Bear

Dear world,

Mom watched UK Law & Order the other day on BBC. I guess now that she has the U.S. ones memorized, she needed some new episodes. Anyway, it got me to thinking. Maybe I could be a barrister. I never really thought about being a lawyer, but seeing UK lawyers in their hair and robes with British accents, is very inspiring to me. Yes, I think I will look further into how to become Barrister Bear.

Love always,



  1. ha ha- that "get up" really is making me laugh. Umm Bear, you look very British in that hairdo! You do look official tho and would be a very good judge. he he - if the courtrroom gets unruly, you could always pitch your tennis ball.

  2. Bear you look so "stately" as a Barrister! If I ever get into any trouble (which is always) I will come see you!!! @NellieSpringer

  3. Bear yoo look so judicial in dat owtfit! I fink yoo wud do well in da legal system. Yoo cud be a gweat judge, yoo were alwayze beary fair wif Rosy n Fuzz!

  4. You look very serious and contemplative! We think maybe you're contemplating what to have for lunch. We wouldn't want to come before you to beg for mercy...although we know, like Tikka, that you would be beary fair...but we would like to beg you to toss your tennis ball for us. We promise we would bring it back! We love you Sir! Loud purring from RainbowCatsx8

  5. I luvs dat program! Maybe I could be da detective ! Purrs