Thursday, December 9, 2010

Welcome Bear

Dear world,
There is a new bear at my house. He is holding a welcome sign. Why is he the family greeter? He is so stiff. He doesn't talk, no less bark. I think that Fuzz, Rosy and I should be the welcoming committee instead. We could even have shifts for being outside and holding up the sign. Wait, that would mean at least 4 hours for each of us to stand alone outside. That is not appealing. Never mind. Now I understand why this welcome bear was hired.
Love always,


  1. Bear,

    I love your blog even if you're a woofie. I human loves golden retrievers....

    Jake the red tabby cat.

  2. Bear, you are the official greeter... you just need to put your face against the window to show that you are inside ready to greet. I hope your mom is not trying to replace you. That's impossible.

  3. Bear, you and your furblings are way better greeters than that guy. He's cute, but, I agree, a little stiff!

  4. I fink yoor mama was doin yoo guyz a favor so yoo duzznt haz to stand owtside all alone to greet hyoomans. Yoo get to be da inside greeters when hyoomans come in da howse. Dat be way more fun!

  5. I think that's the best possible greeter in the whole world! I don't think it would be very much fun to stand outside all that time in the cold and the rain and the dark and and and.....

    Can I hire him too? I don't want to give Mom any ideas!!