Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blog Material

Dear world,
Yesterday I saw my mom rummaging through these bags of stuff. I thought it was Christmas presents. And then I went over and looked closer. Uh Oh. Looks like clothes and props for holiday photo shoots for me, Fuzz and Rosy. Fuzz is not going to be too happy about this. Not sure what Rosy is going to think. Which got me to thinking. How do I feel about it? Well, I guess I really should not mind because it gives me lots of material for my blog posts. So it is just something I need to do for my career as a blogger.
Love always,


  1. Well Yes! It is part of your Career as a Blogger to Pose also but you could always still be a problem solver for other furkids? Like a dear abbey for Doggies!! So I would write Dear BearBearD: I am having a probelm with getting more treats,What do you suggest I do? (sample question) Yes You could be Dear BearBearD!!

    xxxx Gracie,Molly,Harley,Max

  2. is Christmas time. you have to wear all those things because your mom is very happy when she puts all those things on you and Fuzz and now Rosy. plus all your followers love your pictures... even though you look very sad in some of them :)

  3. Bear, you are the most awesome blogger I know! I sure can't pose with anything--eating it fits me better. Can't wait to see what you do to Fuzz and Rosie though....

  4. Of course those are your props to Pose for your Mom the Photographer! These are the fabrics of the business of blogging or Tools of the Trade! I guess soon we will be seing some nice Christmas Pictures of You,Fuzz,Rosy?Wonder how Rosy will Pose?Maybe Love it & that will Give you & Fuzz some Posing Time off!!

    xxxo Gracie,Max,Molly,Harley xooo

  5. Oh, Bear, you're mum's inspiration! Yes, thanks to you (being so adorable and all) she feels I need to join in the festivities.
    So I will also be outfitted in my holiday finest. Not so sure about this, I think I may agree with Fuzz and Rosie. Looking forward to the rest of your adventures.

  6. Bear, you're such a good sport and inspiration. Mom tried to put hats on us once and we were extremely forgiving. If she tries again, we may have to refuse her snuggles for a week.

  7. Well, BBD, better you than me, pal! My brudder and I don't like to wear clothes, and I am so shy, that I hide when I see mom trying to put a hat on brudder. So, in a sense, BBD, you are doing a favor for all of us naked dogs that don't like clothes. It's like taking one for the Gipper!