Thursday, December 30, 2010

Catch the ball!

Dear world,
Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve. It got me to thinking. Wouldn't it be the coolest thing to celebrate with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest in Time's Square in New York City? Then I would be right there when the ball drops. I think that is very appropriate for me. It could be my job to catch it!
Love always,


  1. Hi Bear,
    Yes it sounds like lots of fun. But we wouldn't want you to get hurt. That ball sure looks heavy. If you want to celebrate an early New Year's Eve, come to nipclub tonight. It if formal and promises to be fun. We have our gowns on standby. ((((HUGS))))
    Tippy and Penny

  2. It's been My Moms dream but she says she doesn't want to freeze up?at Times Square is sooo cold but yes!! YoU have a NaturaL fur coaT!GooD Idea!Have your People call His People & set up 2 morrows Date to Catch That Big Ball!

    xoxox Gracie xoxoxo

  3. I fink yoo wuddnt lyke bein in Times Square. It beary crowded and lots uv people wif too much to dwink. Home is much more fun and a lot safer, Bear!