Sunday, December 26, 2010

Proud Sponsor

Dear world,
For Christmas, we did get some toys and treats. But our favorite presents were sponsorships of dogs at Best Friends Animal Society. Rosy got a dog named Poodle Pop and Fuzz got a dog named Lassy. I am the proud sponsor of three Bears: Cinnamon Bear, Wooley Bear and Pinky Bear. We are taking our sponsor roles very seriously and will follow their progress. Lassy and PinkyBear are ready for adoption.... will you please adopt our dogs?

Love always,


  1. That iz great chrismouse prezents you gotted! You must be rill prowd of your sponsor doggies, an i iz rill prowd of you! xoxox

  2. What great presents. I'm gonna tweet about that. Hope they all find forever homes.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. They're just wonderful presents and you are all so very kind XX

  4. what a wonderful program.
    I hope they are half as happy on their new home as you all are. That will mean a lot of happiness anyway.

  5. those are wonderful presents!!! I hope they all are adopted....