Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New Band

Dear world,
Since I live in Memphis now, I was thinking I should start a band. None of us play the piano, so Mom got me some instruments. I chose the xylophone and gave Fuzz the Maracas. We started practicing and then Rosy wanted to join as the lead singer. Fuzz figured while Rosy practiced, he could take a nap. We are still deciding on a name for our band. We would welcome any ideas.
Love always,


  1. Wow - dats pretty nice. I could bring my piano down and play dat for you. We'd have quite a group. How about the "BearD Trio." Or if I come down, the "BearD quartet!"

  2. Oh Pawsome! My Sis Molly sings to Piano!!(Loudly) Maybe if you need a back up singer you coudl hire her?She would Match Rosy! (Black-Chow)
    2 Black dogs-2 Golden!!

    OK! Th Name Could be for you 3:
    "3 Memphis Furbabys" or
    "Memphis 3 Furballs"..
    "Memphis 12 Paws" (Live in concert)

    "Memphis Country FurCoats" =Pure Country Love=

    Mom says she can't think of a Really Hot furbaby Band name!So I say just call yourself! "Memphis Woofer's"
    Think"There's Elton John, Rod Stewart... why Can't there be "Fuzz Daddy" & the Woofers"

    You definitely Need An Agent!! Quickly! R you doing all country or Jazz,Blues,Rap etc.?

    Can't wait!! xxx Gracie,Max,Molly,Harley

  3. Bear wut a gweat idea to start a band! I fink yoo guyz cud start owt opening fur da Shibbering Cheetos. The Fuzzy Bear Roses?

  4. your trio seems to be a duet... Fuzz is not even trying.
    Rosy is thinking "I'm not Queen Latiffa!".

  5. Hmmm hows Bout "Da bear fuzz trio" or if Uz want more "sofistacats" well just sayin xooxxo

  6. Hey, I thought Rosy & I were going to start our own band with our grumbling bellies! BOL!

  7. I'm gonna be in the RUMBLE section!! Ladies LOVE musicians... heh heh heh