Monday, December 27, 2010

Newly Acquired Wings

Dear world,
I tried to warn Rosy that when she became a member of the family, she would be subjected to dress up. She said, she is a girl and is happy to dress up. I said OK, but don't say I didn't warn you. So yesterday, Mom decided Rosy should be a pink butterfly. I tried real hard not to laugh. She looked at me for help, and I told her I warned her. Good thing that Mom took the pics quick because Rosy was ready to fly away with her newly acquired wings.
Love always,


  1. he he- those wings look so cute on Rosy too. You know Bear, it was good you got another doggie to live in your house cuz now there are three to dress up. Takes some of the burdon off you being the only one.

  2. Rosy looks like a fairy princess, i luvs those wings (but Iz happy they iz on Rosy an not me)

  3. MOL... those wings do look good on Rosy, but woe be to the human bean who ever tried to put wings on me. HEE HEE

    Have a great day. pawhugs, Max

  4. I bet you wish that she would have flown away!!!!


  5. Yoo haz to admit Bear, yoo look beary happy dat yoo can sit dere wif yoor ball and Rosy iz da one dat's dwessed up! She looks beary cute.

  6. Rosy looks very cute but maybe she is thinking that living on the streets wasn't as bad as she thought... at least she had her price intact.
    Bear, I'm sure you know that all the love and good care that your mom gives you, Fuzz and now Rosy compensates all the "modelling".

    p.s.: I noticed you have your tennis ball in almost every picture. Is that your "payment" to stay still for each shot?

  7. Rosy-Posy, you're the prettiest pink butterfly I've ever seen XX

  8. Oh MY Rosy already Ready!! Has Wings of feathers! Brilliant! Now just mom be Rosy's agent! woohoo.


  9. Yes, it looks as though she is looking to you for some is too cute!