Monday, December 20, 2010

Can Santa Fit?

Dear world,
I saw Santa the other day and it got me to thinking. Santa is pretty fat, so how does he get down chimneys? I looked up my chimney and I don't think he will fit in mine. Fuzz says he can fit down any chimney around the world. Maybe he has some magic power that makes him skinny when he needs to be. I could use that power when I go to the vet and get weighed.
Love always,


  1. Bear you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Santa DOES have "magical powers" and yes he can fit anywhere he wants to!!

    Cat Chat

  2. Bear, I like to think that Santa is magic...especially since I do not even have a chimney for him to fit down!
    xxx Oz

  3. I hope Santa is magic Bear or he won't get down my chimney either. Mmmhh, I'll have to ask the Mum!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  4. there is no magic powers... he dismantles the whole chimney, goes down, goes up, and reassembles the whole thing again... see? simple

    you look so cute

  5. Bearbear yoo haz such a fancy hat! I do lyke it a lot. Of corse Santa is magik,Bear. Jus fink.. dat bag uv toyz he lugs around iz bigger den he is!

  6. Hello Bear, you looks marvelous! If Santa DOESN'T fit down your chimney...don't worry..."Clooney Claus" will take care of ya! You can visit me to find out more about theese "Clooney Claus".

  7. Bear! Great question! I happen to know that for those of us who have especially SMALL chimneys for the big fat guy to fit down or NONE at all, Santa has a "special key" that fits into every door, made by his elves so that he can visit every child, pup and loving creature that deserves a visit from him this year. By the looks of it, he'll be seeing you this Christmas! Merry Christmas Bear!!