Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa's workshop

Dear world,
When Bunnybell was visiting, I promised her and Rosy that I would go with them to see Santa's workshop. Mom said she would take us there as long as we wore our elf outfits. Rosy and Bunnybell look adorable and they are the right size. And then there is me. A big Elf Bear. And I didn't even get any toys out of it. Santa said they weren't ready yet.
Love always,


  1. Duzn't werry Bear, you makes a huggabul elf an i sure you iz getting nice prezents from Santa on Christmas day xxox

  2. Oh no - sorry you didn't get any toys from Santa's workshop. Maybe he'll leave something extra for you under the tree this year.

  3. who knew Santa had scheduling issues. I'm sure he could have a few toys already prepared for visitors. Is December already Santa! hurry up!

    p.s.: Santa, remember... a need a new watch :)

  4. Bear yoo make a fabulous Elf! I iz sure Santa wuz happy to see u.

  5. Oh, no! No toys? You all dressed up so nicely too. But I guess you'll just have to wait!!

  6. Dear Bear: Well all elf's have to help Santa make toys! Then on Cristmas Morning when you wake up? BINGO! down the Chimney Santa comes bearing gifts for all of you & More for the elf's who worked so hard!! No worry fur Friend!Mrs. Triple for elfs!

    xxx Gracie xxx

  7. Mrs. Claus keeps the list!! and Triple Gifts for Elfs!!

    (spelled Mrs.-No Claus) slip of The Paw!!

    xxxx Gracie

  8. Your blog is very interesting to read,i like it so much.Happy Christmas.