Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Talk with Rosy

Dear world,
I had to have a talk with Rosy the other day. She was starting to whine a bit about all the dress up photo shoots. She said she doesn't mind dressing up, but the photo shoots take so long. I explained that when Mom is trying to get the three of us it takes longer mostly cause of Fuzz. Rosy asked why Mom doesn't just do Fuzz separately and photoshop him in. Hmmm. Rosy is pretty smart. Why didn't Mom think of that?
Love always,


  1. ha ha - sounds like Rosie is very smart to me. You are such a patient brother Bear.

  2. Photoshop is a dog's best friend, I tell ya! Go Rosy!

  3. Fuzz not collaborating? that's weird. He is half Collie. He is suppose to be way smart. I guess Retrieves are smarter and will do anything to see mom happy, even long photo shoots :)
    Bear, your mom is an artist... it doesn't matter how long it takes, she'll get the job done

  4. wow U all look so neet der Bear & Rosie !!
    Photos shoots can B worrysum things BOL

  5. Rosie is not LOOKING at the Camera! she looks mad! Yep the Photo shooT takes to lonG for a poodle! They have Their own minds.. Poodles tell people what to do! I know my grandma had one?No maybe 6 when Mom was a kid!They are princesses!

    So I hope the Photoshop works! So ROsy Smiles!:)