Monday, December 6, 2010

A Christmas Tree

Dear world,
Its that time of year for families to go and get a Christmas tree. But what does my Mom do? She decides that I should be a tree! So there I am in the spot where the tree is supposed to be. She even put red and green beads on me which I guess were supposed to be garlands. I really hope she doesn't decide to put lights on me.
Love always,


  1. You makes a rilly nice tree Bear, but I duzn't think you want to stay in teh corner all day so shake yer head rill good, teh tree will fall off and when that ball falls owtta your mouth you can go chase it! yay!

  2. Oh You look so Pretty but I agree! Can't stay standing in same spot? You'll be a moving Christmas Tree!! Pretty Funny Tho? Maybe Mom can change it to Rosy for a While? Then Fuzz?
    Very Unique I must say!!(Mobile Christmas Tree) That Barks!! Your Moms On to a clever Idea)!!
    Hmmm?OhNo My Mom's gonna get idea's now? Oh No!Not me!
    Gotta Run B4 Mom starts to copy cat?

    xxxooo Gracie

  3. maybe she is just trying to find the perfect spot for the tree and she will be moving you from place to place just to have an idea.
    I guess you will do anything for your mom if she gives you a tennis ball at the same time.

  4. boy are you ever gonna be tired sitting there from now til Christmas!!! BOL!!

    Love the hat!

  5. If you had lights you'd shine like the star that you are!

  6. You're always so happy, even dressed up-we do love you, Bear X

  7. aww! look at you! where'd you get that style?


  8. We can see that you are smiling, BBD! We know you love the attention!

    p.s. We hope that isn't a glass ornament in your mouth!

  9. I weally lub da stuff yoor mama dwesses yoo in. Yoo lookz so handsome. But I fink yoo shuddnt be da tree. Den u wud haf to have da pwesesnts under yoo n dat wuddnt be gud!

  10. Bear you are such a patient doggie. Afraid I wouldn't last 2 seconds in any of the costumes your mom has tried on you.