Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Carrying Case

Dear world,
Mom came home with a bag the other day. I told her it didn't look very fashionable. She explained it was a carrier for Rosy. So Rosy got in and Mom carried her upstairs. Then Rosy stayed in it even after Mom opened it. In fact she stayed in it all morning. Why? Rosy said she is practicing just in case Mom wants to take her on a trip. Would Mom would take Rosy on a trip without me? No way. I wonder when Mom will be bringing home a carrying case for me.
Love always,


  1. That looks like a great carrier... Your carrier better be pretty big. Do you think your mom could lift it when you're in it. Better have yours on wheels, pal.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. that iz a kewl carrier an i can tell Rosy wants to go on a trip. i hopes your mom iz taking you all sumware nice (p.s. Rosy I hopes its not a visit to teh vet) meow

  3. poor Bear! You are too big for a carrying case...since I don't like flying so much I think you are lucky to not fit in one! :)

  4. he he- oh Bear - you are so cute. he he - I think you might be a little big for a carrying case.

  5. Lifes A Beach! Then Crates are Like cozy Beach Chairs!!So Rosy is Relaxing in her Beach~Bed..Have Mom Get you a Recliner ~ Beach Bed with umbrella..with wheels of course!

    XOXO Gracie ;0)-->--<

  6. that's a beautiful carrier for Rosy.
    Bear, why would anybody want to go anywhere else in the World if you, Fuzz and now Rosy aren't there? you need a bigger case, preferably something with wheels. Even better, 4 wholes in the floor of the case, that way you can walk by yourself into the plane :)

  7. Bear my friend, I think you'll be waiting a long time for that carrier...