Saturday, October 23, 2010

Zorro Bear!

Dear world,
I am so intrigued by Zorro, a compassionate fighter of injustice and cruelty. And he was from California, just like me! So it got me to thinking... could I be ZorroBear? But Mom wont let me carry a sword. Well I guess I will just have to assault the villains with my cuteness. If that doesn't work, I will show my teeth and growl. If that doesn't work, I will take off my cape and run home to Mom and be BearBear again. (Well what do you expect from a Golden Retriever?)
Love always,


  1. You do look dashing in your costume. Antonio Banderas has nothing on you, Bear! But, yeah, a sword would be nice too. Oh well...

  2. Bear yoo look wunnerful in yoor zorro garb! I fink yood make a gweat zorro, and dere's nuffin wrong wif runnin home to mama if yoo haf to!

  3. your cuteness is disarming so you don't need a sword.
    you are too cute to growl because people will say "look, he is trying to be ferocious... so adorable".
    running back home to mama sounds like fun because she will give you treats and give you kisses.

  4. Clothes look so good on you! That same costume on me would have been a mess. What am I saying? Mom would never have gotten that costume on me. And she learns real good - after last year she didn't even try this year.

  5. Yep I can C you as fighter of Njustice,an da riter of rongs !!