Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Natural exfoliation

Dear world,
When we go to Shelby Farms Park, of course I have to roll in the grass a lot. First I get nice and wet in the lake. Then I started rolling. This is not anything like the grass we have at home. This grass is really rough which feels like my skin is being exfoliated. Only problem is that this grass has all sorts of stuff that sticks to me. I try going in the lake to rinse it off, but no luck. So when I get my bath, out come the scissors. Oh well, it is worth it. (as long as I don't get butt bangs.)
Love always,
PS. To get a better understanding of my aversion to butt bangs, go to ues my August 17st post!


  1. butt bangs or not, that looks like fun.
    I suggest you jump on your mom's bed as soon as you get back home.

  2. BOL!!!!! ROFLMBO!!!!! Butt bangs!!!!! That's a really funny one!!!!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

    peeees...... butt bangs!!!! Bol!!!! Bol!!!!

    butt bangs...... OMD! Way too hilarious!!!!!

  3. Now dat looks like fun. I love rolling in the grass too or even on the concrete and also in the stuff M has around her plants. Feels so good.

  4. That's a really funny one!!!!Thank you for bringing such nice posts.