Friday, October 22, 2010

FuzzBuzz: Size is relative

Dear world,
Everyone says I'm so big. I really dont think of myself as big. Mom and Dad are bigger than me. When I go to the park, I am bigger than all the dogs I meet. But one day I met Goose the horse and I felt rather small. So size is relative.


  1. Size is relative! Your Not Big Fuzz!! Your just small in the world of 4 legs. Very good idea to show you against the size of a horsey!People think I am big 2. I just have a big butt for my size..More to wiggle with my tale..:)

  2. Those big dogs scare me... mom keeps trying to introduce me to them and it never goes well!

  3. Oh yes Goose is Bigger but I bet he is just as sweet as U & Fuzz R HUGS xoxoox

  4. Mom told me about when Maggie was young (she's my sister who has gone over the Rainbow Bridge). She saw a horse and thought it was a dragon! She ran all the way home. I saw a horse once and I just ignored it. It went away, so I guess that worked!

  5. Fuzz... everything is relative. I'm sure Goose when he saw you said: "that's a big dog", because he is used to small ones.
    Maybe you need to find some new Great Dane friends.

  6. Aww you got to meet a real live horsie up close. So cool. Was he scary cuz he was so big?