Monday, October 11, 2010

Retreiver Instinct Progress

Dear world,
Fuzz never goes in the water. However, I have been trying to speak to his retreiver side to encourage him to swim. And the last time we were at the park, he didnt come in, but he came close and discovered mud. Well we went again, and I whispered into his retriever ear...."Water dog, Water dog, water dog". Well, it worked! He didn't swim, but PROGRESS! He did come in the water! Wow. I wonder if I could whisper into his retreiver ear "tennis ball,tennis ball, tennis ball". Do you think he may play fetch?
Love always,


  1. Yay Fuzz, you iz doing grate wiv da waters!

  2. did he do dis on 10/10/10?????? Me hopez so. Good job Fuzz!!!


  3. From: Gracie/Furbabys/Twitter

    I Think You can get Fuzz to do just about anything!! whisper sweet words in 2 his floppy earz!!

  4. YAY for Fuzzy - Dat's quite an accomplishment. Now maybe next time he'll go a litttle father out, then pretty soon, he'll be swimming.

  5. Bear, you are a good therapist. Cesar... step aside.
    I think these are very good news. Fuzz see you enjoying the water so much that he is questioning his fear. A couple more visits and I think he might challenge you for that ball. Tell your mom to throw the ball 5 feet away from him to entice him next time (maybe she already did... she's so smart).
    Retrievers rule!

  6. That is about as far as any of us want to get in the water. Well, except for Cheoah. She is like you. Maybe there is retriever buried somewhere in her Sibe genes.