Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Practice

Dear world,
We have been taking new routes on our walks lately which has been very interesting. We get to see new houses, sniff new smells and see new dogs and kitties. Well, the other day, I saw a black kitty so I wanted to say hello. I was just being friendly. But she hissed and snarled and raised her back fur and put her ears back. OK. So I get the point. But I like to think positively about others. So I figure, she was just practicing for Halloween.
Love always,


  1. Yup - you got it right. She was just practicing.

  2. Sometimes kitties can be hissy & growly when they don't know you, major defense mechanism, especially since you such a big doggie! Maybe if the kitty sees you often he'll get to know you and become friendly. Don't know how anyone could be mean to a nice doggie like you!

  3. Black kitties need to be practicing cuz Halloween iz pwetty soon! I bet dat kitty will be nycer if it getz to see u more often, Bear. Kitties r afwaid till dey get to knowz u!

  4. I Think it was a Suqirrel dressed as a Kitty?For heavens sakes! sneaky,sneaky buggers..

  5. BOL!
    I would like to make kitty friends too, but most of them are scared of me. Cats are strange creatures...